Latest Update: May 15th 2020

The TCEQ sent the 2021 draft MSGP to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on May 15, 2020.

EPA approved the draft 2021 MSGP on August 18, 2020. The TCEQ is tentatively scheduled to publish notice of the proposed 2021 MSGP in newspapers and the Texas Register by the end of 2020.

October 18th 2019

TCEQ Requested input on the following preliminary proposed changes:

  1. Updating SIC code tables to include NAICS codes
  2. Updating provisional coverage time for paper applications
  3. Adding a Delegation of Signatories form on STEERS
  4. Clarifying and consolidating sector-specific Numeric Effluent Limitations tables and monitoring requirements
  5. Adjusting benchmark values for Biochemical Oxygen Demand in Sector T and Total Suspended Solids in Sector U
  6. Clarifying reporting requirements to be consistent with the e-Reporting Rule
  7. Adding items to the Notice of Intent (NOI) application
  8. Adding items that require a Notice of Change (NOC)
  9. Adding Stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWP3) requirements for hazardous metals waiver criteria
  10. Adding SWP3 requirements for Sector J from the Construction General Permit (TXR150000), as applicable
  11. Updating Sector L requirements to include new definitions and revisions in SWP3 requirements
  12. Clarifying unclear language and making editorial changes throughout the permit

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