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Why Choose Us?

Drone-Guided Environmental Inspections

In addition to conducting the most comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety Inspections, with our platform:

  • Sitemaps always reflect real-time model of the facility
  • Visualize and compare facility over time, on web portal
  • Identify and resolve issues in a timely manor
  • Track facility changes over time
  • Provide all relevant information in detailed, periodic reports
Web Portal Stays Synced Across All Platforms

All Environmental Plans, Inspections and related data are always one click away. Our experienced staff ensures:

  • All relevant facility information like map/inventory updates, plans , inspections, trainings and completed forms are immediately accessible online
  • All physical plans come with easily accessible digital tags for quick access
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows and a plethora of other tablets and phones
Easy and Efficient Record Keeping

We customize each of our record keeping applications and notification systems to suit individual facility needs:

  • Receive notifications via email and/or text whenever you are nearing a compliance deadline
  • Track upcoming appointment details, with access to view a detailed log of each visit
  • Our platform digitizes all routine checklists in the facility, for easy access and efficient record keeping